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Water and Sewer Dept. Fire Hydrant Meter Requests

How to Obtain a Floating Meter
In order to receive a floating meter and water service from the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department, you must first submit the following documents and information to the WASD New Business Office at either the LeJeune building, 3575 S. LeJeune Road (south of US-1) or the Miami-Dade Permitting and Inspection Center (MDPIC) at 11805 SW 26 Street in west Miami-Dade:

Please note that a floating meter that is issued by WASD can only be used on mains that are within WASD's service area.

In addition to the information and documents listed above, you must submit a deposit, payable in cash and checks only in US funds.  Deposits are $2,500 for a 2" floating meter and $1,500 for a 1" floating meter.  Additional service charges may apply.  The deposit amount less actual water consumption is refunded upon return of the undamaged floating meter.

Once you have submitted the information listed above to WASD's New Business Section, they will open a new, temporary water account for you. You can then pick up the floating meter at WASD's Meter Shop, located at 1001 NW 11 Street, Miami.

When you're finished with the floating meter, please return it to the WASD Meter Shop along with any accompanying parts and supplies. You will be billed for any missing parts or supplies, as well as any water used as measured by the floating meter, and then your account will be closed. You will only be billed for water usage, not for sewer.  If you have any billing-related questions please contact WASD Customer Relations at 305-665-7477. Once your account is closed, your deposit will be returned less water consumption and fees for damaged equipment.

Floating meter assemblies are very heavy and can be too large to fit in the trunk of a car. It is recommended that the customer use a pick-up truck or similar vehicle to pick up the floating meter.