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COVID Health and Safety Supervisor (HSS) COVID-19 Sanitation

Danielle Ondarza Cipriani
Owner/Producer - Cipriani Productions
COVID Health & Safety Supervisor

Barbara Goicoechea
P: 305 538-3809
C: 305 986-8177
Resume  | Certificate

Patty Simonetta
Assistant Director/Line Producer
COVID Health & Safety Supervisor
305-632-6322 Cell
Certificate Ι Certificate Ι Certificate
Certificate Ι Certificate Ι Certificate

Tonya Tindall
Producer/Production Supervisor
Covid Safety Supervisor
Certificate Ι Certificate Ι Certificate
Certificate Ι Certificate 

Cliff Berry Inc. / Moving Picture Rental
3033 NW N. River Drive
Miami, FL 33142
David Wells  
Miami-Dade County

Pure Sets
Brent Spector
Southeastern Region
305.302.4200 mobile

Disclaimer: There is currently no industry standard for the Health and Safety Supervisor/ COVID Supervisor position. The position includes but is not limited to: overseeing COVID-Safety Plan implementation and enforcement, including specialized security and sanitation departments or companies, coordinating necessary COVID related medical staff that is responsible for COVID-19-related health safety for the production, including the authority to pause the production in event that a breach threatens the health of the cast or the crew.
Please vet candidates according to a production’s individual needs.

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