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All production companies wishing to film on any federally-owned, military installation must first contact the Department of Defense. All scripts must be approved by the Department of Defense before any production can take place.

For information regarding U.S. military assistance in producing feature motion pictures, television shows, documentaries, music videos, commercial advertisements, CD-ROM games, and other audiovisual programs, please contact the Military Service being portrayed or being asked to provide assistance:

◊ Department of Defense
   Special Assistant for Entertainment Media

   Department of Defense
   The Pentagon, Room 2E592
   Washington, DC 20301-1400
   (703) 695-2936 / FAX (703) 695-1149
◊ Army
  Chief, Office of Army Chief of Public Affairs

  Los Angeles Branch
  10880 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1250
  Los Angeles, CA 90024
 (310) 235-7621 / FAX (310) 235-6075
◊ Navy
  Director, Navy Office of Information West

  10880 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1220
  Los Angeles, CA 90024
  (310) 235-7481 / FAX (310) 235-7856
Air Force
  Director, Secretary of the Air Force

  Office of Public Affairs
  Office of Public Affairs-Entertainment Liaison
  10880 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1240
  Los Angeles, CA 90024
  (310) 235-7511 / FAX (310) 235-7500
◊ Marine Corps
  Director, Marine Corps Public Affairs

  Motion Picture and Television Liaison
  10880 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1230
  Los Angeles, CA 90024
  (310) 235-7272 / FAX (310) 235-7274






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