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Permitting Guidelines For Students

Film Permits are generally required throughout Miami-Dade County and each of its municipalities for commercial film, video or still photo shoots that are conducted on public property; that is, on roads and streets, sidewalks, or in parks, beaches or public buildings. offers one stop on-line permitting for Miami-Dade County and City of Miami Beach facilities and properties, as well as for most other local municipalities.

pdf Click here to download the complete Student Permitting Guidelines.  

Note: You can no longer permit City of Miami locations through FilMiami's Permitting System. 

Effective October 1, 2012, the City of Miami established the Office of Film and Special Events which has instituted a new website ( ) that includes the film permit application to facilitate and streamline the permitting process. Should you wish to film exclusively within the City of Miami you are not required to apply or pay for a film permit with Miami-Dade County or with any other municipality. The City of Miami’s Office of Film and Special Events will process the film permit application free of charge through our new website.
For additional information please contact the Miami Film Coordinator Mr. Vicente Betancourt at (305) 416-1318 or by email at .”

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