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Miami-Dade County Off Duty Police (MDPD)

What’s required:
Apply for a film/photo permit at

Any film permit that requires police must be requested at least 72 hours
   prior to the filming date.
More complex projects require more lead time
Miami-Dade County police requires a 48-hour minimum between the time
   the police officer(s) are
paid and the time the police are needed.
To request Miami-Dade Off-duty police, complete a film permit request and
   select “Miami-Dade
County Off Duty Police” as the location.
If you are hiring only Off-Duty MDPD and do not require a film permit
   otherwise, a film permit
request for “Miami-Dade County Off Duty Police”
   (entered in the permitting system under - location
name) – is required.
To verify if a project requires police, contact the Filmiami for clarification.

New cancellation policy:
"A permit holder may relinquish their permit on or before forty-eight (48) hours or two (2) business day from the starting time/day of service. Notification must be received by the Miami-Dade Police Department, Off-Duty Police Unit in writing via e-mail or letter forty-eight (48) hours or two (2) business day in advance. However, upon cancellation, the permit holder will be responsible to pay fifty percent (50%) of the assigned shift and/or requested hours, or three hours, whichever is greater unless the assigning element or FAB is notified in writing a minimum of forty eight hours or two business days (excluding weekends and holidays) prior to the specified starting time. The assigned shift will be the hours requested for that twenty-four-hour period per officer. Permits requiring more than ten employees require an additional 15 minutes per additional employee over ten for cancellation notification."

Situations that always require MDPD include but are not limited to:

Use of faux weapons
Crime scenes, actors in police uniforms
Most music videos
Celebrities on set
Driving shots
Intermittent traffic control (ITC)
Rolling roadblocks
Use of drones
Any moving vehicle used on set
Large production footprints
Crowd control
Security inside a park before or after park hours
Miami International Airport
General Aviation Airports
Intermittent pedestrian control

Current police officer rates are $70.25 per hour with a three-hour
   minimum.  Click here for Police rates. Rates generally increase
Some municipalities have their own police force. Such as City of
   Miami, Doral, and Miami Beach.
For Miami-Dade Police on camera, production must first agree to a
   strict set of terms and conditions and a proposal about your
   project, including full script must be submitted for considerstion.
No changes to the Police Terms & Conditions will be accepted.
Additional fees and restrictions apply.
All Miami-Dade Police requests are coordinated through FilMiami.


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