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Other Bridges that are within Miami-Dade County Jurisdiction

What’s required (Other County Bridges):
Apply for a film/photo permit at

◊ Rickenbacker Causeway (no weekends or Holidays)
◊ Tamiami Canal Bridge
◊ Port Bridge/(obsolete) Port of Miami
◊ Port Bridge - Port of Miami
◊ Venetian Causeway (no weekends or Holidays)


◊ Requires Miami-Dade County Off-duty police at production’s expense
◊ County Film Office coordinates Miami-Dade County Off-duty
   Police (MDPD)
◊ Must pre-pay for MDPD 48 hours or more advance of filming date
◊ A MOT (Maintenance of Traffic) for lane drop or closure. 
◊ Non-Rush Hour request required.
◊ Can’t impact marine traffic or bridge operations.
◊ Requires bridge supervisor at productions expense (For Drawbridges)
◊ Production required to provide list of special events in the area during
   the time of the request.









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