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Corrections (Jails)

What's Required
Apply for a film/photo permit at

Currently the only corrections location that allows filming is the Training & Treatment Center
(The stockade)


◊ Production meeting and walk through
◊ List of cast/crew on set
◊ Weekends only for filming
◊ Required correction officers are determined by the
   number of cast and crew in the number of different areas
◊ All fees are required to be prepaid. Facility Usage fee is $70.00/ hour
   and guards are $80.00/hour per officer.

◊ Complete list of Cast/Crew that will be on-site
◊ Completion of Personnel Regulations application for
   EVERY CAST AND CREW MEMBER that will be on-site for
   background check

◊ Rules for Personnel Regulations Application
◊ All Cast & Crew must individually fill out a personnel Application.
   Anyone that does not fill out the form will not be allowed in.

◊ All cast & crew that are onsite are required to wear lanyards with
   company logo at productions expense.

◊ Completed applications are required to be delivered to corrections via
   hard copy. Electronic transmission of applications is not allowed.

◊ Required to accompany each application is a color copies of the
   applicant’s drivers’ licenses or passports.

◊ On the day of filming all cast/crew will be checked in off the
   list provided.

◊ Anyone not on the list and/or that has not passed a background check
   will not be allowed in.

◊ Anyone with a criminal background will be denied entrance. 
◊ Fill out the Corrections Film Request Form










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