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Special Events Permits
FilMiami does not permit for special events.
However, if you are filming your special event, a film permit is required.
Please apply

To correctly route your special event request, the information needed is:

◊ Location requested for special event. (examples include Hard Rock
   Stadium, Crandon Park, Dade County Fairgrounds, etc.)
◊ For Miami-Dade County Parks and Open Spaces and other Miami-Dade
   County venues, contact the specific park or Miami-Dade County location
   directly for more information.
◊ All special events applicants must complete special events packages
   before a special events permit may be issued.
◊ The special events package is provided by each individual park or venue.
◊ Each park/venue has a special event coordinator. The coordinator will
   communicate the necessity of off-duty police and/or fire resources
   if necessary and specify required personnel/fees for these services.

When Temporary structures and facilities are required for a Special Event

An event that lasts 45 days of less that includes a temporary structures and/or facility are required to apply for a Short-Term Event permit via Miami-Dade County Building department.
Click here for Short Term Event info

Definition of Temporary Tents and Membrane Structures: A temporary structure is considered to be a tent or membrane structure erected for a period of more than 45 days but less than 180 days that is used for special events. Building permits are only required for temporary tents and membrane structures that are larger than 10’ x 12’.

Block Party Permits

Block party permits are issued by Miami-Dade County for the temporary closing or residential streets for events and non-commercial purposes.
Click here for Block Party Permits








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