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Student Film Fees

Miami-Dade County: All Miami-Dade County film permits cost $100.00 per each 28 production days. However, the $100 fee can be waived if the student has their teacher/professor email a letter verifying the student and project to our office. Please don't pay the fee if you are able to have it waived by a letter from your Professor.  Make sure your professor includes the following wording to all letters for student projects: This student project is intended only for use for grading purposes by the particular educational institution that the student is enrolled in. This film is not intended as a For-Profit venture.

Please email the letter to: and You may add as many locations onto your permit within the 28 day permit validity period for the same project.  We do require a minimum of 24 hour notice for permit approvals. Exceptions: Port of Miami, Miami International Airport – permits need sometimes up to 14 days notice and are subject to approval. Miami-Dade Transit can take up to 30 days to obtain approval.  The municipalities we permit for can take two days to seven days, we also need specific information on locations, dates and times, budget information and any other special arrangements.








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