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Student/School Insurance Requirements

Shooting in Unincorporated Miami-Dade County, on sidewalks or streets, or parking vehicles in swale areas, then those areas need to be permitted. A certificate of insurance, additionally insuring Miami-Dade County (including address), or the appropriate municipality, for $1 million of general liability is required. Please note that in addition to the certificate if insurance required by Miami-Dade County, if you shoot in a municipality (city) in Miami-Dade County, there is an additional insurance certificate that is required to be issued by your school for that municipality.
Miami-Dade County does not require a film permit for shoots on private property (residential or otherwise) as long as production is completely self-contained and not using weapons, explosions or fight scenes. Noise ordinances apply to all film permitting. A permit can not be issued in residential and certain other areas prior to 7:00am or after 11:00pm.

We  need an insurance certificate naming Miami-Dade County as additionally insured as certificate holder for $1 Million dollars.
We can accept the following wording: Certificate holder is named as an Additional insured as their interests may appear,
but only as to respects claims arising out of the operations of the Named Insured.

See Below for certificate holder:
Miami-Dade County
111 NW 1 St
Miami, FL 33128
Please Email the insurance cert to:
When applying for the film permit, please make sure the name of your school and address are listed as the production company. Your schools is who provides the insurance to cover your shoot. The insurance certificate indicates to us who is providing the insurance, the “production company” in the case of your school must match the name on the certificate of insurance.










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