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Timeframes for Film permit approvals

◊ A minimum of 24 hours for a simple permit.
◊ Examples: County wide for small still shoots, swale parking,
   parks and beaches.

More complicated permits:
◊ Rolling roadblocks 2-3 days, depending on the how long it takes to
   staff police.
◊ Intermittent Traffic control, 3 days minimum. Requires police and
   Public works approval.
◊ Lane drops and road closures can take up to two weeks to approve.
◊ Lane drops and road closures both require Police approval in writing
   and a MOT before we can submit the request to public works for
◊ Port of Miami, Airport 7-10 working days, some preferred areas at
   these locations can be expedited.  Both locations require police.
◊ Transit – Property that received FTA money requires FTA approval
   and can take up to 30 days to obtain approval.









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