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Film Permit Info Center

Here in the Film Permit Information
Center you will find useful information such as: Who needs a permit?, County General Information, County Owned Facilities and City Filming Regulations.
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Applying for a Film Permit

 The following information will be needed to apply for a Film Permit:
Information: Name and Address.
Insurance Policy: Insurance Company and Policy Number. Please visit the insurance information page  for more information regarding where to send your insurance certificates and the appropriate information for additionally insured  for the City of Miami Beach and Miami-Dade County.

Production Company & Production Contacts: Name, Title, Phone Number, Fax, Cellular, Pager, E-Mail.
Production Information: Production Title, Production Type, Extras, Cast, Crew, Dollars Spent Locally, Number of Production Days, Hotel Name, Location of Hotel, Number of Rooms per Night.
Location Request: Name, Address, Start and End Date, Description of Scene.
 Hiring Off Duty Police
Off Duty Miami-Dade County Police Online Payment Now Available.

The Miami-Dade County Police Off-Duty Web Application has been implemented. New temporary customers are able to apply for a permit and process credit card payments as necessary.
New permanent customers are able to apply for a permit, and current permanent customers are able to setup their online access to process payments for their account.

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Port of Miami Permit Requirements

  • All proposed film/photo shoots must fill out a Port of Miami Special Events form that is downloadable from our website The form must be sent to our permit coordinators for dissemination to all pertinent Port personnel and Seaport MDPD staff.
    • Download the POM Cast & Crew Security Form (.xls file)
      Please provide us with either driver's license information, or passport information. Please use the US Postal abbreviations for the states. If you are providing passport information, please enter the passport number in the column for the driver's licensee number. In the column for driver's license state, please enter the country that issued the passport. Please remember to enter your date of birth as well. If you are arriving by bus, please provide a date of birth and driver's license information on the bus driver. PLEASE DO NOT ALTER THE MASSLABEL.xls (22KB) Form.
  • There will be a required site visit with designated Port representative and/ or Seaport MDPD representative at least 48 hours in advance of the shoot
  • Any proposed shoot requests in either the Cargo area/Gantry cranes or on the New port bridge will require submission at least five business days prior to the shoot
  • Any proposed Off-duty Seaport MDPD will need to be paid in full at least 24 hours in advance of the shoot date. The arrangements must be made with the MDPD fiscal department directly. If a payment account has not been set up with MDPD Fiscal dept. by a production company and the off-duty has been paid for in advance for a singular project, if that project should need time extension for the off-duty officers because of any delays, they will be denied an extension if prepayment was not made for any extension. If a film/photo company overpays for MDPD off-duty detail (beyond the required 3 hour minimum) then a refund will be issued by MDPD Fiscal Dept.
  • Seaport off-duty MDPD department will not staff any requested productions for the day after a 3 day holiday weekend or the day after any holiday (see County observed holidays below)

County Observed Holidays
New Year's Day,  Martin Luther King's Birthday, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day