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Filmed In Miami

Award-Winning Miami Production “The Woman Under The Tree” to be Released Worldwide on Apple TV in August

In the midst of a successful festival run, the short film The Woman Under The Tree, co-written and produced by Miami filmmakers Roberto Donoso and Prashant Thakker, finds a home on Apple TV and iTunes in 87 countries starting August 4, 2021.

“We couldn’t be prouder. Being on such respected platform is an honor,” says Donoso. “We made a beautiful film,” adds Thakker. “Now we get to share it with the world.”

The Woman Under The Tree follows a homeless woman in South Beach who sits under a tree, watching the life of a family unfold in a house across the street. This seemingly senseless act of voyeurism grows into something deeper as we discover the meaning her routine brings to her life.

The film marks lead actress Alina Interián’s cinematographic debut. The Miami veteran theater artist put her talents in the hands of Karishma Kohli, who directed the short drama.

“Working with Alina was a joy,” says Kohli, a seasoned Bollywood director. “She brought the story to life in ways none of us expected.”
The film, shot entirely in South Beach, also stars Mia Scornavacca, Rupinder Nagra and Susan Dean. Emmy and Telly Award-winning producer Fabiola Rodriguez and Canadian actor Rupinder Nagra are also producers of the film.

“The Woman Under The Tree” has won Jury and Audience Awards for Best Film and has screened in eighteen film festivals in ten countries.
Visit to watch the film and to learn more about its journey.

Contact information:
Roberto Donoso & Prashant Thakker
Under The Tree Productions, LLC
Miami Beach, FL

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