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Miami-Dade Transit Authority Filming Regulations


The Miami-Dade Transit Authority requires production companies to obtain an Access Letter from their department to authorize film, video and still photo shoots on busses, Metromover and Metrorail trains. Please contact our office at 305-375-3288 for more information.

The permit holder must comply with all provisions of Chapter 30B of the code of Miami-Dade County, must observe reasonable safety precautions, must comply with any reasonable orders from MDTA or Security personnel, and may not interfere with vehicle movement or passenger flow. Permit holders are authorized only to enter areas that are accessible to the general public and are not permitted to enter restricted areas in Metrorail or Metromover stations or vehicles or any MDTA facilities. The Permit Holder will be required to cease all activity and leave the premises if any of the provisions contained herein are not strictly adhered to or if requested to do so by authorized MDTA or 50 States personnel.


The crew will use self-contained equipment, (no large flash equipment or cables). There will be no cables or generators allowed on the platform area or in close proximity to the station.


Please note that we do not allow shoots during peak hours on weekdays (before 10:00 a.m. after 2:30 p.m.).