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Miami International Airport
What’s required:
Apply for a film/photo permit at

Please note that it can take up to fourteen (14) days to process and receive approval to film
Fill out the MIA Shoot Request Form
◊ The form is used to determine what will be required to obtain approval.
◊ A walkthrough with airport personnel may be required to determine if your
   needs can be accommodated.
◊ All filming at our airports requires Miami Dade police.
◊ Miami International Airport requires Miami Dade police ($69 per hour with
   a 3-hour min.) and a K-9 sweep (and the dog costs $8 per hour per dog).
◊ Depending on production’s lighting and electrical requirements, hiring an
   airport electrician might be required.
◊ The preferred location for filming is Terminal J third level.
◊ Last minute requests 2-3 days out from actual
   requested date to film request will not be processed/accepted.
NO FILMING CURBSIDE Friday - Monday, or
any time that traffic is too heavy within the landside area(s).

◊ Film/Photo Permit must be obtained through the Miami-Dade Office of
   Film & Entertainment 305-375-3288.
◊ Permit must accompany production at all times.
◊ Projects approved on a case by case basis.
◊ It can take up to 14 days for approval.
◊ A Canine Sweep and at least one Miami Dade Police Officer is required for
   all productions filming at the airport.
◊ The number of Miami-Dade Police required will be determined by the
   scope of your project. Fees apply. 
◊ Production must fill out the
Miami International Airport filming request form and
   email it to and
   before the approval process will be started.










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