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Florida Dept. of Transportation (FDOT)– Bridges and Roadways: 

◊ FDOT permits can take up to two weeks and sometimes
   longer depending on the complexity so plan accordingly
   in your production schedule.
◊ Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Bridges
◊ Brickell – FDOT/Miami sign off
◊ 1st Street - FDOT/Miami sign off
◊ Flagler – FDOT/Miami sign off
◊ 5 street (7 Ave) - FDOT/Miami sign off
◊ 12 Avenue Bridge - FDOT/Miami sign off
◊ 27 Avenue - FDOT/Miami sign off
◊ 36th Street Bridge - FDOT/Miami Springs sign offs
◊ 79 Street – FDOT/ Miami and North Bay Village
   (depending on where you are filming)
◊ 163rd Street – FDOT and either MDC or NMB sign off
◊ MacArthur Causeway FDOT/Miami/Miami Beach
◊ Julia Tuttle Causeway FDOT/Miami/Miami Beach
◊ I-95 FDOT/ Jurisdiction signoff
◊ US1 FDOT/ Jurisdiction signoff
What’s Required (FDOT Bridges):
Apply for a film/photo permit in jurisdiction(s)

◊ Requires police from the jurisdiction at production’s expense
◊ A MOT (Maintenance of Traffic)
◊ Non-Rush Hour request required. For some roads and bridges
   weekends are preferred
◊ Can’t impact marine traffic or bridge operations.
◊ Requires bridge supervisor at productions expense
◊ Production required to provide list of special events in the area during
   the time of the request.
◊ Apply for a permit with particular jurisdiction (i.e., County, City of
   Miami, etc.) that FDOT roadway is in.
Apply for FDOT film permit
◊ FDOT requires signoff from the jurisdiction (i.e., County, City of Miami,
   etc.), signoff form the police in that jurisdiction and a film permit from
   the jurisdiction










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