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New Miami-Dade County Ordinance for Film/Photo Productions

Civil Penalties and Revocation of Film/Photo Permit

Under the new ordinance, productions filming on Miami-Dade County properties including the municipalities we permit for, without obtaining a film permit can be issued civil citations and be removed from the property. In short, all information about the who, what, where, when and how are not approved on your permit, you can receive a fine or the permit could be revoked. We understand if there are changes in your schedule or scenes therefore you may contact the office for assistance. Therefore, get approval for add-ons. The fines and description of violations are located HERE. Enforcement of the new ordinance will be Miami-Dade County police, code compliance officers or any other Miami-Dade County or municipal employee.

Determination of Requirement to Issue a Film/Photo Permit Depends on Physical Impact

Another important change to the ordinance pertains to filming without a film permit. There are now exceptions for filming without a permit in Miami-Dade County public spaces and the municipalities we permit for. Individuals filming, taking photos, or videotaping while using a hand-held camera, one camera on one tripod (with the exception of such use on public transit and public transit platforms), handheld props and/or hand-held equipment with a cast, crew, and personnel size of less than three people do not require a film permit. However, there are exceptions. The exceptions are located HERE. To sum it up, there is no longer a distinction between whether the production is for “commercial” or “non-commercial” purposes. Productions will need a film/photo permit based on impact to the general public. Crews of 4 or more people will still require film/photo permits.








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