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Swale Parking

What’s required:
Apply for a film/photo permit at

◊ The County Film Office issue permits for swale parking in all the
   unincorporated areas of Miami-Dade County between the hours
   of 7am to 11pm. 
◊ When applying for permit select “swale parking” as the location.
◊ In the description of scene, place the address that the filming is
   taking place, how many vehicles and vehicle types are being
   requested to park on the swale. 
◊ Send a site map (google map) to reference where you are
   requesting to park.
◊ If there are NO PARKING signs posted in the swale area where
   you want to park, hiring Miami Dade Off-Duty Police officer(s)
   is required. (MDPD current rates are $70.25 per hour with a 3-hour min.)
◊ All vehicle wheels must be off the pavement.
◊ Can’t block access to driveways, entrances or sidewalks.
◊ Approvals are on a case by case basis.
◊ Once all the information is approved, the Film Office can issue a
   film permit.









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