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Miami-Dade County must follow Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) requirements because most of our Transit has been paid for partially by the Federal Government.

Extended Approval time for Transit Requests

◊ The FTA can take as long as 30 days for approval. In your letter
   of intent add extra days on in front of your filming date and
   after your filming date so that you don’t have to reapply.
◊ If your dates change a new letter of intent is required and then
   the reset button is started with FTA approval – starting from
   scratch again. *At times Transit receives approval from the
   FTA the day prior to shooting*

What’s required:
Apply for a film/photo permit at but DON’T pay the $100 permit application fee until you have full approval from County Film office via email.

◊ The process requires a written LETTER OF INTENT on
   production company letterhead which must include the
   following information:

◊ Date
◊ Time/Hours
◊ Location
◊ Detailed description of scene
◊ All equipment
◊ Total number of people on set
◊ Approximate economic impact brought to
   Miami-Dade County
◊ Agree that production will not interfere
   with transit operations

◊ Agree that all costs will be reimbursed to Department of
   Transportation and Public Works (Train cost, labor costs,
   DTPW security costs, electric costs, etc.) – all costs are
   paid prior to the filming date. 
◊ Agree to an additional $140.00 still photography fee or the
   $300.00 fee for Filming on the transit system – all costs
   are paid prior to film date. Make checks payable to the
   Department of Transportation & Public Works and can
   be dropped off at the Miami-Dade County Office of
   Film & Entertainment.
◊ Certificate of Insurance (as with any film permit)
◊ Once the FTA approves the request, an ACCESS
   COUNTY FILM PERMIT must be obtained from
◊ Pre-production or walk through meeting may be
   required. Projects must specify which station
   (MetroBus, MetroRail or MetroMover) to be used for
   filming or photo.
◊ Production must hire and pre-pay for security officer(s).
   The amount of officers is determined by the scope of
   the project and crew count. FEES APPLY.
◊ No filming during rush hour or lunch hour.
◊ Projects approved on a case by case basis. Special
   conditions apply to each individual request.
◊ All transit trains and Metromover stations require
   FTA approval

Time/Day Transit Preferences:

◊ Preferred days for filming on the Metrorail are
   Saturdays and Sundays.
◊ Preferred MetroRail Stations for filming on a
   stationary train are the Palmetto Station, Airport
   Station or Dadeland South.
◊ Preferred MetroMover stations for filming are the
   Museum Station or the School Board Station.

Transit Locations that don’t require FTA Approval

◊ Some transit buses and bus stops (Inquire with
   County Film Office)
◊ Most of the Airport Metrorail station (A.K.A the MIC)










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