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Temporary Road Closure Permits

Temporary Road Closure Permit - County Roads Adobe Acrobat Logo    

Provision of Permit

  1. The Permit must be submitted to the Chief of the Fire Department, and the Captain of the Miami-Dade Police Department at the locations listed. This permit must be processed by the Permittee at least 5 working days in advance of the street closing. This permit is not valid without the police and fire department signatures of approval. 
  2. The road closing must not extend beyond 11 p.m. If the noise level or attendees’ conduct becomes objectionable to the area residents, the Department of Public Safety may terminate the Block Party. 
  3. The street must be completely closed to through traffic using proper barricades with reflectorized orange and white stripes, and flashers mounted on top of the barricade. 
  4. Permittee assumes all risk in closing the street and shall be solely responsible and answerable for damages for all accidents and injury to person or property and hereby covenants and agrees to indemnify and keep harmless the County and their officers and employees, from any and all claims, suits, losses, damage or injury to person or property. 
  5. When vacated, the public right-of-way shall be returned in same condition as received. 
  6. The sale of merchandise, services, donations or exchange of money is expressly forbidden in the public right-of-way.  

Please be advised that the original and all copies of this permit must be submitted to the nearest Police and Fire Department in your area for their proper processing. The Police and Fire Departments’ location nearest to you are listed in your permit. Each Department will sign the original permit, keep a copy, and return the remaining permits to you. Once you obtain these signatures, please return a fully executed copy to our office. The signed original is your permit to retain and have available during your event.  

Temporary Closing & Special Use of State Roads
The purpose of this web page specifies procedures for obtaining prior written permit approval for temporary Closing of a State Road from the Department when necessary for the conduct of a Special Event or Special Use.
The procedures for Temporary Closing of State Roads other than Limited Access Facilities for the purpose of Special Events not related to construction, reconstruction, maintenance or emergency purposes, may be accomplished as listed below:

  1. A Special Event may be permitted by the appropriate local governmental authority. 
  2. Prior to temporary closure of a state road for a Special Event, the local governmental authority which permits the Special Event must determine whether a temporary closing of the road is necessary for the event and obtain prior written approval from the Department. 
  3. An original request for Temporary Closing/Special Use of State Road, Form 850-040-6.5. 02/92 Adobe Acrobat Logo,  shall be submitted by the responsible official of the local governmental authority to the Department naming the sponsoring officials, stating that local law enforcement officials will manage all details involved in administration of the event; and stating that as between the Department and the local government authority, to the extent permitted by Florida Law, the local government authority will assume full responsibility for any liability claims arising from, or based on, the activities the event.  
  4.  The local governmental authority shall include, with this request:

  a.     An original signature by the local government agency authorizing the Special Event or Use. The signature of the governmental authority such as the Mayor, City or County Manager or their designee, along with the signature of the Chief of the Law Enforcement Agency for that local government.

  b.     A marked up map, indicating the temporary detours to be utilized by the public; and showing the placement of appropriate signs; stationing and quantity of any, officer or flagmen; and locations of barricades and cones necessary to detour the traffic in a safe and efficient manner. 

  c.     A description of the provisions made for the temporary rerouting of traffic. 

  1. Approval from the United States Coast Guard District Commander authorizing the opening or closing of any moveable bridge within the geographical limits of the event during the time period of the road closure. 
  2. Temporary closures for Special Events or Special Use will not be allowed on interstate highways, toll roads, and other limited access facilities on the state highway system.

Submit Your Application Package to:

Florida, Department of Transportation
District Six Permits
1000 NW 1 Street, Room 6215
Miami, Florida, 33172-5800
Telephone: 305-470-5367
Fax: 305-470-5443

The Permittee, shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Department and all of its officers, agents and employees from any claim, loss, damage, cost, charge or expense arising out of any acts, actions, neglect or omission by the Permittee, Its agents, employees, or subcontractors during the performance of the Contract, whether direct or indirect, and whether to any person or property to which the Department or said parties may be subject, except that neither the Permittee nor any of Its subcontractors will be liable under this Article for damages arising out of the injury or damage to persons or property directly caused or resulting from the SOLE negligence of the Department or any of Its officers, agents or employees.

Contractor's obligation to indemnify, defend, and pay for the defense or at the Department's option, to participate and associate with the Department in the defense and trial of any damage claim or suit and any related settlement negotiations, shall be triggered by the Department's notice of claim for indemnification to Contractor. Contractor's inability to evaluate liability or its evaluation of liability shall not excuse Contractor's duty to defend and indemnify within seven days after such notice by the Department is given by registered mail. Only an adjudication or judgment after highest appeal is exhausted specifically finding the Department solely negligent shall excuse performance of this provision by Contractor. Contractor shall pay all costs and fees related to this obligation and its enforcement by the Department. Department's failure to notify Contractor of a claim shall not release Contractor of the above duty to defend.

It is understood and agreed that the rights and privileges herein set out are granted only to the extent of the State's right, title and interest in the land to be entered upon and used by the Permittee, and the Permittee will, at all times, assume all risk of and indemnify, defend, and save harmless the State of Florida and the Department from and against any and all loss, damage, cost or expense arising in any manner on account of the exercise or attempted exercises by said Permittee of the aforesaid rights and privileges.

During the event, all safety regulations of the Department shall be observed and the holder must take measures, including placing and display of safety devices, that may be necessary in order to safely conduct the public through the project area in accordance with the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), as amended, and the Department's latest Roadway and Traffic Design standards.

In case of non-compliance with the Department's requirements in effect as of the approved date of this permit, this permit is void and the facility will have to be brought into compliance or removed from the R/W at no cost to the Department.


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