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Miami-Dade County TV, Film and Entertainment Production Incentive Program


Qualifying projects

  • A project must be either a production or a digital media project, as defined herein. 
  • Production shall mean a theatrical or direct-to-video motion picture; a made-for-television motion picture; visual effects or digital animation sequences produced in conjunction with a motion picture.
  • A television commercial; a music video; an industrial or educational film; an infomercial; a documentary film; a television pilot program.
  • A presentation for a television pilot program; a television series, including, but not limited to, a drama, a comedy, a soap opera, a telenovela, reality show, game show or a miniseries production. One season of a television series is considered one production.
  • A digital media project shall mean a production of interactive entertainment that is produced for distribution in commercial or educational markets. The term includes a video game or production intended for Internet or wireless distribution, an interactive website, digital animation, and visual effects, including, but not limited to, three-dimensional movie productions and movie conversions.
     EXCLUSIONS: The project does not include: a weather or market program; award show; a sporting event or a sporting event broadcast; a gala; a production that solicits funds; a home shopping program; a political program; a political documentary; political advertising; a gambling-related project or production; a concert production; a local, regional, or Internet-distributed-only news show or current-events show; a sports news or sports recap show; a pornographic production; or any production deemed obscene under Chapter 847, Florida Statutes.

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