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Hurricane Preparedness for Your Production

Protect your cast and crew & lower the cost of Hurricane Production Insurance

Our office is regularly asked if the cost of production insurance during hurricane season can be lowered.
The answer according to several insurance underwriters is that it is possible! But it requires the production company to create a detailed plan of preparation, evacuation, and recovery.
This guide has been created to provide you with an outline to achieve that. Follow these guidelines and submit your detailed plan with your application for production insurance. It should help you qualify for production insurance during Florida’s tropical weather season, and possibly see a substantial cost savings as well.
More importantly, it can save lives. Saving lives, protecting property, and mitigating the cost of your windstorm insurance… good reasons to take the time to prepare properly.


YOUR HURRICANE PLAN: June 1st to November 30th
It’s imperative to have a plan of ACTION in place if you shoot in Florida from June 1st to November 30th, popularly known as ‘hurricane season’. However, tropical storms can cause destruction and should be given the same cautions.
Production companies should put their hurricane plan in writing not only for your insurance carrier, but so that employees have a clear understanding of how the company will operate before, during and after a storm. Businesses and individuals alike need to identify vulnerabilities ahead of time and take protective measures.

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